Antique Pictorial Kerman Ravar Rug

Antique Pictorial Kerman Ravar Rug

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Antique Ravar Kerman Pictorial Rug, showcasing the Royal Court of Nadir Shah Afshar. This fine specimen from the 19th century captures a significant historical scene featuring one of the most renowned rulers of the civilized world, Nadir Shah, who ruled from 1736 to 1747. 

Nadir Shah is depicted seated on the famous Peacock Throne, with members of his court paying homage to their illustrious leader. He is celebrated for his military prowess, having famously defeated both Ottoman and Indian armies, and is thought to have inspired later European military campaigns, including those of the Napoleonic era.

The rug is a testament to the Kerman tradition's mastery, particularly evident in the intricate floral borders that frame a dynamic hunting scene. This piece not only represents a moment of historical significance but also highlights the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic heritage of Kerman rug-making.


Height 209 cm / 82 "
Width 136 cm / 53 "